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We offer a no fuss Mastering service at £40 per master with one set of revisions for free. We are a Mastered for Itunes ( MFIT) accredited mastering house. Utilising some of the best high end gear around.

The Unfairchild ( Modelled on the Original 670 Fairchild) has 20 Valves and 14 transformers , and warms up any sound beautifully. With the added extra of variable attack and release settings that the original unit didn’t have makes it extremely useful for mastering. Or for something more hard edged, the API 2500 sounds great, for more punch and Glue the SSL onboard compressor often works well. With outboard eq’s such as the Chandler Curve Bender or Pultecs running in to the top of the range Lavery Gold converter and near perfect monitoring. Affordable high end Mastering is possible.

“When I first started recording, I noticed that using other mastering engineers made a big difference to my mixes. Over the years I have noticed that the difference got smaller and smaller when I started to learn mastering myself. These days I will often recommend some of the worlds best mastering engineers to people . Though often my master gets preferred for the final version.” Brett Shaw

“Brett is my go to mastering engineer. Not only because of his talent, but his passion and interaction around every track I send to him. He always achieves perfect levels for all music platforms, without changing the mix. Anyone who wants a seriously good sounding master, go to Brett!” Tom Corscadden – Producer/Artist/ Studio manager at Dock Street studios.

Tracks Mastered and Mixed by Brett Shaw 123

Tracks Mastered (Not Mixed) by Brett Shaw 123

123 Master Vs Pre Master (Tracks cut back and forth at random points between the two)

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