123 Mixing and Unsigned Mixing deal

Here at 123, we are able to offer world-class mixing on a classic SSL E series console with Brett Shaw ( Florence and the Machine , Foals latest albums) at the helm mixing.

“Mixing is one of the things I enjoy the most. I love running audio through tape machines and vintage compressors to warm the sound. Then mixing through the SSL/Unfaichild and Lavery Gold on ATC 50’s is a joy.” Brett Shaw ( Hear some mix examples below)

Our unsigned mixing deal involves only paying the studio day rate to mix your tracks, so you have more control over your budget. This mix deal also comes with free Mastering.

Mixing and Mastering examples can be found below. (We are a fully accredited “Mastered for Itunes” Mastering house. ).

If you have already mixed and need Mastering – We have also started a new low cost mastering service here at 123. With the highly accurate mix room and choice pieces of analog and digital mastering equipment, we offer a no fuss mastering service.

Mastering equipment and plugins include, the latest Larvy Gold converters (considered the very best by many top mixing and mastering engineers), Unfairchild compressor, Curve Bender eq , Pultec eqs, , API 2500 , Izotope 9 , Slate FGX mastering, UAD plugins .

A couple of unprompted testimonials

Ewan J Philips talking about working with Brett ( from His Socials- Ewan’s Tracks with Brett have over seven million plays on Spotify and is an unsigned artist. )

Clauddilea Holloway’s reaction to hearing mixes back ( taken from her socials)

Ewan J Philips “Faithless” Ewan is an unsigned artists tracks Brett has produced (Mixed and mastered) for Ewan have over eight million plays on Spotify . ( Which earn around £40000 )

Brett Shaw Production, Mix, Master

Sal Dulu “Dulouz Dream” Brett has mixed and mastered Sal Dulu’s latest album. The first two single both have over a million streams and were also both number ones in the hype machine chart.

Rina Mushonga “Atalanta” . Rina’s album with Brett was given an 8/10 review on pitchfork and was several album of the year listings including The line of Best fit and independent album of the year so far lists

Brett Shaw Production, Mix , Master

Caesaria “Coversations” No 1 in Apple’s “New Rock” Playlist

Brett Shaw Production, Mix , Master

George Taylor – “Give it up” has over five million plays on Spotify and is an unsigned artist

(Brett Shaw Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

Aadae “River of Tears” Brett Shaw Production, Mixing, Mastering

Bilal Kahn “Save me” has 100 000+ plays on Soundcloud and is an unsigned artist (Brett Shaw -Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

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