Mixing Mastering and Unsigned Mixing deal

Here at 123, we are able to offer world-class mixing on a classic SSL E series console (from 2017) with Brett Shaw at the helm mixing.

Our unsigned mixing deal involves only paying the studio day rate to mix your tracks. We understand that budgets can often be stretched so we offer free mastering included. (Brett’s preference is always to use another mastering engineer where possible, though when budgets do not allow he has become very competent at mastering in his own right)

Mixing and Mastering examples can be found below. (We are a fully accredited “Mastered for Itunes” Mastering house. ).

If you are a signed artist please get in touch for the signed rates.

If you have already mixed and need Mastering – We have also started a new low cost mastering service here at 123. With the highly accurate mix room and choice pieces of analog and digital mastering equipment, we offer a no fuss mastering service.

Mastering equipment and plugins include, the latest Larvy Gold converters (considered the very best by many top mastering engineers), Unfairchild compressor, Curve Bender eq ,Tonelux EQP5, API 2500 (stereo compressor), Izotope 5 , Slate FGX mastering plug in, Massey 2007 limiter, Slate virtual tape machine and VCC, UAD plugins including Massive passive and all tape machines, HD I/O converters.


Rina Mushonga “For a Fool”

(Brett Shaw Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

George Taylor – “Give it up” has over a million plays on Spotify and is an unsigned artist

(Brett Shaw Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

Aadae “River of Tears” Brett Shaw Production, Mixing, Mastering

Lula Biloux (Brett Shaw -Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

Bilal Kahn “Save me” has 100 000+ plays on Soundcloud and is an unsigned artist (Brett Shaw -Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)

Nina Scofeild (Brett Shaw -Mix)

Pillars (Brett Shaw – Engineering, Mix)

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