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Help with production is considered on the type of music and if Brett or one of of the other producer/engineers think they can bring something to the music.

“I get asked to do a lot of projects, though I will be honest and let you know if I’m the right person for the job. As I don’t think there is any point attempting to produce something you don’t love. It just won’t work. Also, something that strays too far from genres you a lot about can be problematic. Though all music is happily considered. If I think I can improve it, I will. ” Brett Shaw.

If you listen to the styles of music most often done at the studio ( in the playlists below) , it should give you an idea of what is possible.

We do a lot of Bands, Singer Songwriters, Electronic, Pop, Folk, Psyche, Indie, Rock, older sounding Funk, Soul, Sometimes- Dance, Lofi, Experimental, Jazz, Alt-RnB, Country, Blues, old school Afro beat, Ska Less often -Conscious Hip Hop, World music . Though if it’s good music, all music is considered. (If your music is anything like  Alabama Shakes , Tame Impala, Sault, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Serge Gainsbourg, Mo town, Daptones, DjShadow, Flying Lotus, Bon Iver, Jungle – please get in touch 🙂

The word “Production” can take on different meanings these days, with more urban genres it can mean writing and arranging the whole backing track. With bands, often the song has been written and the various players will have their own parts, so it might be more of a case of helping with things like- the arrangement, structure, tempo, key, sonics and the best way to capture the playing. Sometimes people will have produced things on their laptops at home and it’s more of a case of improving the overall sound to a professional standard. Its even possible to work remotely and sending tracks to work on . (like some of the Ewan J Phillips album which was done in the first lockdown and has gone on to have over ten million streams ).

” I try and help music makers with whatever skill set I have. It often depends on the artist. I often prefer it when some kind of song is already in place. Though sometimes help with writing, if it’s something I really love. To give you some examples, with an artist like Florence and the Machine, she doesn’t really play any instruments. She might come up with a simple one finger piano part, her vocals and some simple tapped out rhythms and I will help build the track from there. Or with a band like Foals, they will come up with their own parts so it’s more of a case of helping the sonics and picking the best takes . It helps to be able to play a wide range of instruments and know the fundamentals of recordings to fit your skill set around whatever is required to improve the music. ” Brett Shaw

Some examples of music that has been either Produced / Co produced and Co written by Brett below-

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