123 Studios, one of the best tracking and mix rooms in London. Recordings at 123 have over a billion streams on Spotify alone.

Set up by Producer/Engineer Brett Shaw (Florence and the Machine, Foals, Lady Gaga, Robyn, Daughter, Clean Bandit), next to Peckham’s Bussey Building in one of London’s most exciting new creative developments.

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering all available (We are a fully accredited “Mastered for Itunes” Mastering house.)

The idea behind 123 was to design a studio that had the same recoding recording heft and fatness of sound as some of the classic vintage Neve and API desks. With the flexibility in mixing of the SSL studios and a compliment of outboard gear to match some of the best mix rooms around.

We have had a major update in the live room by increasing the floor space by almost 25%. (7M x 5.5M) It now has three booths and is exceptional for live recording. The wooden walls have a flexible, rich warm tonality. Easily changed from large and open to tight and focused, with high ceilings and adjustable height ceiling cloud, interchangeable wall panels and electronic “Drumbrella”.

The large selection of some of the very best tube and solid state preamps around produce a harmonically rich, thick but clear tone. Complimented by a large range of vintage and modern microphones. 

Featuring an astoundingly accurate purpose-built natural light control room (7M x 5.5M) that houses a vintage SSL E series console, ATC scm50asl monitors and some of the finest high-end gear around. With a large live room, high ceilings and booths, makes 123 ideal for full band tracking.

Backline available at not extra cost. Fully analouge or digital recording.

 Get in touch for unsigned rates and production deals. (see unsigned artists section at the bottom of the page – Soundcloud links)

Brett Shaw (Resident Producer, Engineer, Mixer)  

Tracks Brett worked on have well over a billion plays on Spotify. Last year saw him Co-produce both of Foals latest albums at 123. Earning the bands first ever number 1 album, a Mercury nomination and winner of the album of the year at the Q awards.

Brett’s credits have achieved four number 1 albums (2x U.S 2x U.K) and two number 2 albums (One U.K one U.S and U.K- One quadruple platinum album,  One platinum album, Four gold albums, one silver album ). One quadruple platinum no 1 Single which won the Grammy for best dance recording, two Mercury nominations three Ivor Novello awards. 

Previous work includes Co Production/Writing and Engineering on Florence and the Machine’s “High as Hope” album both here at 123 and out in L.A. as well as recording and production credits on albums such as Lady Gaga’s “Joanne”, Florence and the Machine’s, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, (extended edition) and engineering on Clean Bandit’s “Rather be” which won the Grammy for best Dance recording.

Brett has also had great success producing and mixing for unsigned acts. His work with Ewan J Philips  has over five Million plays on Spotify. ( Which earns roughly £25000 for the artist). Which he has also matched with George Taylor another five million plus plays on Spotify.  Brett’s mixing work for Sal Dulu has helped him reach two and a half million plays on Spotify.   The album Brett produced and mixed for Rina’s Mushonga was given an 8/10 review on pitchfork and was several album of the year listings including The line of Best fit and independent album of the year so far lists and was produced and mixed by Brett.

123 Studios features a spacious wooden live room, a large control room with fully soundproofed programming and writing rooms all centred around a main communal lounge that creates an inspiring creative space for a musical community here in South East London.

The main studio makes use of a great selection of over 20 discrete class-A preamps and DI’s, along with a mix of vintage and some of the finest modern microphones around. (Vintage Neumann 87/84’s Neumann U67, Bock 251 and Ifet, Flea U47 and M49, Coles 4038s, Rca 77d, AEA 44, AKG 414 and D12, M160, 241s, RE20s etc) All recorded to an HDX rig with Pro Tools Ultimate on a 12 core mac pro with LAVRY GOLD and 32 channels of Avid HD I/O converters or fully analogue on to 24 track tape (on request- see analogue recording page).

The SSL E series “was considered the Rolls Royce of recording consoles in its day” (George Gilbert, former chief engineer at SSL). Vintage SSL desks are responsible for mixing more hits than any other console in history.

With highly accurate monitoring and lots of classic outboard gear including ATC 50 SCM50a, UnfairchildUREI 1176,1178, La2a, API 2500, Distressor and DBX 160x, Chandler TG1, Curve Bender, Pultec eqp1s3, Pultec EQP 1A, Red 47, API 550/560,  Chandler Little Devil, Harrison, Coil audio, Tree Audio, Capi Pres, Clariphonic and Tonelux EQs, 123 makes for a great mixing environment. Its a modern studio set up that is designed to be simple to use for other engineers.

The mix room was built with the premise of asking acoustician Nick Whitaker (Abbey Road, Olympic studios, The Red room, The Albert hall) what is exactly the perfect size and shape room to get the best/most accurate monitoring possible.

The live room acoustics are easily changed by an adjustable ceiling drop and Drumbrella  that changes the length of the natural room reverb, going from a large open sound to a tight punchy one in just a few seconds.

The studio specialises in live band tracking with three additional booths with great sight lines, suitable for various sources of acoustic/vocal or amped instruments.

“The studio’s great. It has a great atmosphere to it. It’s very laid back and it’s very light which was a pleasure to work in. Somewhere that felt light and warm.” Yannis/Foals


Artists recorded at 123 studios – Foals (Warner Brothers), Florence and the Machine (Island), Muru Masa, Liane La Havas, Cosha, Kindness, Robyn, Still corners (Sub pop), Babydaddy (Scissor Sisters), Aquilo, (Island), Hawk House (Virgin EMI), Saint Raymond (Asylum records), Juce (Island), Alex Burey (Universal publishing), Cosima (Island records), Christina and the QueensGabriel Bruce (Luv Luv Luv),Daughter (4AD), Swim Deep (Chess club), Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne (Atlantic), M.I.A (Interscope), Eliza Doolittle (EMI),  Rita Ora(RocNation), Say Lou Lou (Sony), The Kooks (Virgin), Labrinth (Sony), NoisettesJamie T (Pacemaker), Dry the river (Sony), Splashh (Luv Luv Luv), Jack Bruce (Cream) , Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan (the original Sugababes), Violet ( Luv Luv Luv ), Roisin Murphy (Moloko),  Marcus Foster (Communion), Kyla La Grange(Chess Club/Sony), Shuga (Luv Luv Luv), Funeral Party (Sony Music), The Black Ghosts (Southern Fried),Wolfgang (Atlantic/Warners Records), Iggy Azalia (Island), Ghostpoet (Brownswood), Skepta and Ed Sheeran (Atlantic).

(Always judge a studio on the music coming out of it!)


“I think that you have done a remarkable job Brett, you have definitely got the strong makings of two very good rooms…it does appear to be an inherently good room” Nick Whitaker acoustician (Abbey road, British Grove, The Royal Albert Hall, The Engine room etc etc etc).123 Studios South East London recording studio control room

123 Studios New Live room layout

123 mixtape is a new musical project by Brett – ( see 123 Mixtape page)

Currently offering production deals for unsigned acts. Please contact for more details .

“With this new studio, I asked acoustician Nick Whitiker- What is the best room shape and size for monitoring? His response is what we created. A 42sqm control room connected to a beautiful live room with high ceilings and great acoustics.  “Brett Shaw, Producer and Studio Owner at 123 Studios.
We have three long-term let rooms here at the studio, though all are currently full. Get in contact for details.( picture below is Studio B available for short term dry hire)
It’s best to get in touch via email, as the phone is hard to answer mid session.
Hear the sound of the studio below,, (Brett Shaw has worked on all tracks below in some form at 123)

Foals “In Degrees” Brett Shaw Co-Production and Engineering

Florence and the Machine “South London Forever” Brett Shaw Co produce, Co write, Engineer Foals “Like Lighting ” Brett Shaw Co Produce /Engineer
Lady Gaga “Hey Girl” . Brett Shaw 123 (Engineering)

Foals “Exits” Brett Shaw Co-Production and Engineering

Robyn “Send to Robyn immediately ” Brett Shaw Engineer


Florence and the Machine “Hunger” – Brett Shaw -Engineer

123 Unsigned

Ewan J Thomas “Faithless” – Brett Shaw, Prod, Eng, Mix, Master . Ewan is an unsigned artist. Tracks Ewan and Brett have done together on Spotify have over 5 million plays. (Which earn about £25000+ from Spotify)
Sal Dulu “Dulouz Dream” Brett has mixed and mastered several tracks For Sal Dulu which now have two and a half million streams on Spotify .

Rina Mushonga “Atalanta” . Rina’s album with Brett was given an 8/10 review on pitchfork and was several album of the year listings including The line of Best fit and independent album of the year so far lists

Brett Shaw Production, Mix , Master

George Taylor – “Give it up” has around Five million plays on Spotify and is an unsigned artist ( about £25000 from one track) (Brett Shaw Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)


Bilal Kahn “Save me” went viral and has 200 000+ plays on Soundcloud and is an unsigned artist (Brett Shaw -Production, Engineering, Mix, Master)


Skaboro “Bam Bam” Brett Shaw – recorded to eight channels of analogue tape

More Big acts

Clean Bandit  “Rather be ” Won the Grammy for best Dance recording

(Brett Shaw – Engineering)

Daughter (Brett Shaw -Engineering)


Banks and Steel (Brett Shaw – Engineering)

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